149 Depot Hill Rd   PO Box 67   Boulder, MT
406-225-3383   888-890-5860

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Ryan Lewis, Owner
Free Enterprise Radon Health Mine
149 Depot Hill Road
P.O. Box 67
Boulder, MT 59632-0067 USA

Telephone: 406 225-3383
Toll Free: 888-890-5860

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Boulder is located midway between Butte and Helena at Exit 164 on Montana's Interstate 15 (I-15). The closest airports are in Helena (HLN) and Butte (BTM). Rent a car in either city or take a taxi to Boulder. Airport pickup during daylight hours is available with prior arrangement. For those without a car, shuttle to and from Boulder motels can be arranged. No other tour bus or taxi service is available while in Boulder. Please call us for suggestions on transportation options.

Once in Boulder, turn west on Second Street at Hardware Hanks. Follow the Free Enterprise Mine logo signs to the top of the hill, exactly two miles from Main Street, on paved country road. "B" is the location of the Free Enterprise Radon Health Mine, 149 Depot Hill Road.

Though the weather is fairly dry and moderate, expect inclement weather at any time of the year. Many county roads are graveled and maintained. Tires should be in top shape if area sight seeing is in your plans. Information on suggested day excursions is available at the Mine lobby, on the internet or Visitor Information Centers.

Need additional driving directions? Visit the internet for sites like Google Maps: then go to "driving directions".

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