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Pacific Standard Magazine
January 07, 2016
"The Radioactive Remedy"
by Madeleine Thomas
The Montana Standard
August 04, 2013
"Pit, Radon Health Mine Top Spot for Nerds"
by Renata Birkenbuel
March 16, 2011
"A Glowing Report on Radiation"
by Ann Coulter
Great Falls Tribune
July 12, 2009
"Pursuing the Radon Remedy"
by Erin Madison
December 2, 2003
"A Pinch of Poison"
by Emily Lambert
The Globe and Mail
November 29, 2003
"A little poison may not be a dangerous thing"
by Anne McIlroy
Missoula Independent
April 3, 2003
"It's a gas!"
by Andy Smetanka
The New Yorker
July 16, 2001
"The Radon Cure"
by Mark Singer
Great Falls Tribune
July 8, 2001
"The Radon Remedy"
by Eric Newhouse
RT Image
December 11, 2000
"Mining for Relief"
cover story by Ryan L. Dansak
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