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Travel: the Czech Republics best spas – Features – The Prague Post.


Advertising itself as “The First Radon Spa in the World,” Jáchymov, located 126 miles west from Prague and close to the German border, offers a number of treatment programs designed for those suffering from arthritis. Originally known as a rich mining town for silver ore and later for uranium, Jáchymov has hosted spa visitors since the 19th century. Visitors to the spa town, which is located deep in a dramatic valley, can also enjoy numerous hiking trails, nearby skiing and a number of other sports excursions organized by local hotels. For more information, see laznejachymov.cz.

ZURICH – The new novel Jachymov of the Austrian writer Josef Haslinger tells the tragedy of the Czechoslovak national team that was wiped out in a conspiracy plot at the beginning of the communist era after World War II. The main figure in the book is one of the stars of the lost generation of ice hockey players, Bohumil Modry, who was one of the best goalkeepers of his time in Europe.

(read more about this book at the link above).

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