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At the age of 35 I had already suffered AS for 10 years. Prior to my discovery of Radon Therapy, my disease had advanced to such an extreme level that I was devastated to think that I would be forced to leave my physically demanding career as a farrier. Conventional drug therapies had failed and the specialists had no answers that didn’t come at the high cost of drug side effects. I scoured the internet looking for alternative treatments, tried crazy diets and spent a bunch of money on stuff that did not work. My inflammation was high and my joints were starting to fuse. I found out about Radon Therapy on an internet AS forum. I did my homework. After tremendous amounts of investigation, I felt comfortable enough to drive to Montana to give it a try in 2008. The results were amazing! My pain levels decreased almost immediately and within three months the symptoms were virtually gone. This has allowed me to keep my drug levels to a minimum and to continue life in my occupation. I highly encourage others to become familiar with this option to control their symptoms.
Brad Erickson, Farrier
Bear Lake ID
bradbowhunts@gmail.com or “find me on Facebook”
I could no longer deal with the intense back pain and brain fog.  I needed more answers: an internet search produced the Free Enterprise Mine.  I was convinced that there would be benefits.  Spring 2006 was my first stay with improvements on day 8.  My second 10-day stay was in October 2006.  I’m now at home doing what I love to do instead of in a doctor’s office thinking about my aches and pains.
2014 update: I have been to the mines in Montana 10 times now. The positive effects continue to amaze. I am living an active and normal lifestyle. Poor health is no longer a topic of discussion in my household when once it dominated my life and conversation. I have only one doctor – a general practitioner. I use the mine about once a year now (which seems to keep me in optimal health) and no other form of meds. I try to eat healthy and live a healthy lifestyle. I’ll spend this summer hiking with a goal: the 500 mile walkabout along the Camino de Santiago, from the Pyrenees to the Atlantic Ocean of Spain. In the pre-mine days, that would have only been a pipe dream.
Pam Alvarez, Educator & Entrepreneur
Springville UT

In 2005, at the age of 47, I visited the Mine to see if it would help for my pain associated with AS – a condition I was diagnosed in 2003.  Within a week I was able to stop my 3x/week Enbrel and have never resumed the injections. Two months later, a mammogram showed no sign of the calcifications that caused me concern for breast cancer – a condition I’d been tracking for about 2 years.  My blood pressure diastolic dropped to normal.  I made no other changes in my stressful lifestyle and must attribute these results to radon therapy.  I am lucky to live nearby to take advantage of the Free Enterprise Radon Health Mine.
Julie Quinn, Certified Nurse Operating Room
Helena MT
After about two days in the mine I became very ill – I was ready to leave. Everyone said that was a good sign and they were right. I was home about four weeks and my neck broke loose and I started getting relief from the pain. My doctor had told me to be prepared for a wheelchair – instead, I’ve put it in storage. I continue the mine therapy almost annually.
Jim Gatschet, Diesel Mechanic
(816) 540-3157
509 Walker Road
Pleasant Hill MO 65080
I first visited in 2000. The psoriasis is gone. My asthma is almost gone and I’ve given up a long list of steroid medications. I love being back on my feet after so many years. Bob’s arthritic knees no longer hurt him. We both look forward to each year’s R&R (radon & rest). It really feels like home away from home.
Linda & Bob Cruz
PO Box 3434
Bay City OR 97107
I have been going to the Free Enterprise Mine since 2002 with great success. The most important improvement is relief from bronchitis. I no longer suffer from weeks of an annual bronchitis cough. Additionally, years prior to my discovery of the Mine, I broke my wrist.  I would have to rest my wrist on a pillow while traveling.  That wrist has been pain-free for the last ten years.
Grace Hartell
High River, Alberta
My mom, a mine visitor since 1989, suggested that the mine might help my severe carpal tunnel in both hands. The doctor was ready to do surgery. Within a month after visiting the mine I was painting the front porch – it has worked wonders. Now my once doubtful husband joins me for help with his arthritis. An annual trip to Montana keeps me from surgery – and keeps us working.
Teri & Michael Kenowski
1222 S Cuyler Avenue
Berwyn IL 60402
That I was skeptical would be a huge understatement – but desperate times call for desperate measures. I took 20 1-hour sessions underground in 1993. Five weeks passed. I began to notice a feeling of strength – something foreign to me for the previous 25 years. Living close by allows me regular attendance. In my opinion, God has given us each the opportunity to make an informed choice for this alternative to drug therapy.
Anita McCartney, Artist/Homemaker
315 Morningside Dr.
Hamilton MT 59840
I have Hep C.  I went to the Mine in 2004 and while I didn’t get my liver enzymes checked before I left for Montana, my joint and muscle pain went away while I was there.  And my liver test was low when I returned home and got tested.  I continue my visits to the Mine as I can.
Ned Haskin (2010), Sound Engineer
Landover MD
Trigeminal Neuralgia, the most painful thing to have, has not bothered me for a number of years now and I do believe the Mine is the reason for that relief. Additionally, the Mine helps me with carpel tunnel and rheumatoid arthritis. I bring my father, Don Wilcox, so we can both make this an annual visit.
Elaine Wilcox (2010), Banker
Winnipeg, MB
(204) 513-0122


I was diagnosed with MS in 1998 and spent years battling pain. My option was to increase pain meds. What did I have to lose? First visiting in 2006, I noticed improvement within 4 days, then pain-free before heading home. The disease is still there, but not the symptoms – I take no pain medication. I regret using this as a last resort and will return annually.
Bev Moulton, Volunteer
Wenatchee WA 98801
In 1997, my dad brought my mother, Mary, to the mine.  He had pulmonary fibrosis. He visited once more but lived 4 years more than the doctors gave him. Then I brought my mother for a number of years.  I have PPH: irreversible, progressive and fatal. My breathing always improves at the Mine.  I am better now than in 2002 when I was diagnosed.  I am thankful for the Mine and will continue to visit.  (2008: My physician no longer detects evidence of PPH.)
Cheri Sweet Sundwall, Property Investments
Alpine UT
“The vet told my humans that I had a thyroid problem and to force feed me. I lost 4 pounds, had no energy and lost globs of hair. July 2000 I went to the Mine. After 3 days my appetite returned and I played with my friend Fred. They now call me ‘porky’. I’d like to tell all felines to go to the Mine. It sure changed my life around.”
Irving the Cat
10412 Elbow Dr SW
Calgary AB T2W 1G1 Canada
I was diagnosed with scleroderma in 1995. This disease causes hardening of the skin and internal organs in addition to joint damage. I first visited the Mine in 2001 after reading about it in our local paper. I have had unbelievable results. The skin on my face is much softer and my hands are more flexible and overall I find I am able to move around more easily. I truly believe that coming to the Mine has kept my disease from progressing and has even reversed some of the damage. I will continue annual visits to maintain my health and to reduce my need for medication for inflammation.
Ann Bumsted, Truck Driver/Finance
Box Elder SD
Two auto accidents left me with chronic pain from neck and back injuries.  Surgery, therapy, and chiropractic had minimal success.  I understood that there was a possibility that Mine therapy could give me some relief from pain.  I started visiting in 2004.  I can honestly say that I have less pain, that I am walking better, and that I can sit more comfortably than before.  Thank you for a wonderful facility.
Albert Wurst, Tool & Die
Kent WA
Emma has arthritis really bad.  During the summer of 2010 she was told to try some radon water from the Free Enterprise Radon Health Mine.  So, she and her “buds” started drinking the water (we live on 2 miles away from the Mine). After a week she improved a lot.  Though Emma has her days, she still feels spunky most of the time.  Thanks Free Enterprise!
Emma, Companion Dog
Boulder MT
We first brought our Lab to the Mine in 2008 when he was 11 years old.  We put him in the therapy kennel for a couple of hours each day while we visited the Mine.  By the 5th day, he jumped into the truck unassisted – something we hadn’t seen him do for a very long time.  Our neighbors commented on Flyer’s improvements.  We brought him to the Mine again in 2010 and we all showed marked improvements again.    “Thank you” Free Enterprise Mine!
Chet & Donna Lutz & Flyer (now 13 years old)
Victor MT
NO MORE ASTHMA ATTACKS Well I am 63 now and it been a minute since I’ve been in the mine, I was 12 years old when I first went to Montana from California to find a cure for my asthma, I was in the hospital every weekend with no hope in sight till my dad found out about the Free Enterprise Mine!! We went down in the mine twice a day for one hour for two weeks, then we left and headed home, on the way home we stopped in Las Vagas for the opening of Circus Circus, yeah its been a while, I kept waiting for an asthma attack but it never came!!! I have not had an asthma attack EVER after leaving the mine!! sense then I have told everyone I can about the mine. Ronald Kanady
AUTOIMMUNE CONDITIONS I love Free Enterprise and their mine! Low radiation radon therapy really works. I have several autoimmune conditions which benefit from radon therapy especially ulcerative colitis and pyoderma gangrenosum. (The latter is a skin condition where ulcers form on the skin.) After going to the mine, I was symptom-free throughout 2018 even though I wasn’t on Humira (a drug). I felt great and had so much energy that year! When I was due for another treatment in 2019, leg ulcers started to form and my digestion was compromised once again even when I started Humira again. Expensive drug and not completely effective. So I am back to the mine again in 2020 to get these ulcers to heal that started post-surgery. I love it here! – WendyThomander
SKIN CONDITIONS Omg, the radiation did wonders for my skin and back, it made me feel like i was 190 again. Definitely the place to visit in the wastes.